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A Pink Patchwork Blanket in the Making

Each of our pieces have a story to tell. The pretty pink piece in the picture takes us through a journey of a patchwork blanket in the making. If you look closely, you will notice that this blanket is made of five different pieces of superior quality cotton materials, to create a beautiful, cohesive pattern that you would love to wrap yourself with. Firstly, several pieces of similar coloured materials with pretty prints are placed together on a workbench. Some are floral, some have checks, some have tiny checks and some have large motifs… but all of them when placed...

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A must have Home Decor item this Summer 2020

Snuggles; ever wanted to feel like a baby wrapped in the softest blanket in the world? Order up some of our finest summer blankets a.k.a ‘Dohars’ and snuggle up! 😊 The word ‘Dohar’ comes from the hindi word ‘doharana’ meaning to repeat. Dohars are essentially made by repeating layers of soft muslin cotton ‘mulmul’.  A delicately hand embroidered flower on one of the four corners of these Dohars, is the highlight of these designer CocoBee coverlets. The soft cotton mul, layers and masks the printed voile layer in-between, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to these blankets. Use them as...

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