When you carefully pick and choose different linen for each of your rooms; master bedroom, guest rooms or kids rooms, each space positively changes and enhances the look of your entire home. Soft furnishings define the space and create a mood; cheery, classy, warm and cozy or a formal festive look, too. CocoBee Home Linens has a wide variety of bed linen options, for all kinds of decor essentials that your home would need.

Kantha Cotton Bedspreads           

Cotton Patchwork Bedspreads           

Quilted Bedpreads 

Silk Bedspreads 





We tend to have a very private relationship with our Bedsheets. Our bedsheets witness and live through our feelings and emotions, through our resting hours. So, when we shop for bedsheets, we subconsciously tend to pick the ones, that would make us feel, the most comfortable in. Scan through the range of our bedsheets and see what catches your eye.

Handblock Duck Cotton Bedsheets (King)

Solid Bedsheet Sets (King)

Handblock Percale Cotton Bedsheets (King)

Handblock Percale Cotton Bedsheets (Queen)

Printed Cotton Bedsheets (Single)

Printed Cotton Bedsheets (Queen)





The word ‘Dohar' comes from the hindi word ‘doharana’ meaning to repeat. Dohars are essentially made by repeating layers of soft cotton muslin, also know as ‘mulmul’. These are used as coverlets or light summer blankets.

Sheer Mul Printed Dohars (Embroidered Motif)

Single Patchwork Dohar

Sheer Cotton Voile Handblock Dohars 

Cotton Handblock Dohars (Twin)

Cotton Handblock Dohars (Queen)




Quilted bedspreads are the fuzziest pieces of bed linen that you could have over your beds; during the day or night time. Beautiful hand block printed, pure cotton fabric is layered with superior quality, cotton wadding and a base cotton layer. All these three layers are intricately machine quilted together with different kinds of stitches. These bedspreads come with two matching pillow cases.

Patchwork Quilts (Twin)

Handblock Printed Quilts (Twin)

Handblock Printed Quilts (King)

Printed Cotton Quilts (Single)

Printed Cotton Quilts (Queen)

Silk Quilts (Single)