May Day: An Anecdote About Our CocoBee WorkForce

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 Skilled Artisans working on a piece of CocoBee Home Linens in India

Two years ago, one of the staff members came up to my cabin and mentioned that they got a call from our Master ji, that he had some crisis for which he had to go back to his hometown for a couple of months.  

He left in a hurry and took all my fabrics and work designs with him. Naturally concerned, I wondered how he would manage the packaging and transportation of the finished products back to me, in time. Also, I wasn’t sure this was a genuine problem or if it was his way of taking time off and lazing after having received advance payments for the work.

In due course, I was truly touched, amazed and so in awe of this man’s detailed planning, to make sure that work did not suffer and the production continues. He managed to deliver as promised. He trained women in his neighbourhood and empowered them to finish beautiful pieces and get them sent to me, on time. We salute and honour such honesty, integrity, diligence and hard work. 

Happy May Day to our entire workforce all over India! 

Happy May Day to all our workforce locked down all over India!

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