CocoBee: a welcome respite from the CoronaCoaster

CocoBee: a welcome respite from the CoronaCoaster:


The CoronaCoaster has taken us all on a ride that’s got us thinking hard about our preCovid, fast-paced lives and our impulsive consumer culture. We’ve all begun to think more than twice, before we hit the ‘proceed to pay’ button, online. Nonetheless, there are a few things that we just must buy. Half a rung above the list of bare necessities, are things that help keep our homes clean, hygienic, feeling fresh, happy and cheerful. Yes, we’re referring to bed linen, table linens and soft furnishings for our living rooms. We are almost always at home now, which is a huge shift from the preCovid days. With the family spending more time indoors, the wear and tear of the soft furnishings and the need for a fresh look to brighten up our living environment is perhaps, the need of the hour. Here are a few CocoBee Home Linen pieces that’ll help you with a quick home makeover:


1.Pick a soothing colour palate like light blues for your bedroom and shop for a new set of bed sheets, quilts and blankets. Here are a few items that may interest you >

  1. Get a cheerful new tablecloth that’ll brighten up the dining area. We have them in squares, rounds and rectangles >


9th July, 2020 | Mumbai - India

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