Conversations over Chai in Mid July

North Indian families, typically have Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and even closest friends that become regulars at the eldest uncles’ household, even if they live a few miles away. The kitchen is always bustling with lots cooking all the time; several cups of chai and (‘bhajiyas’) fritters do the rounds through the day. We hear that air fryers have become a mainstay among the calorie-conscious and healthier eaters.


Come mid-July everyone starts planning Raksha Bandhan; the clothes, gifts and the food, of course! Also, this is when the decor of the house gets some attention, since festivities bring in the guests and some much needed changes with the living and dining room decor, become a priority.


The dining area is where people tend to gather, get into hours of conversations over lunch and don’t leave their seats, way after teatime. This calls for some very pretty table linen; table runners, placemats, napkins and a cheerful table cloth, too. Cocobee Home Linens has launched a range of dining decor essentials, that’s all set to spice up 2021’s festive fare.


An eye-catching beaded table runner will add vibrance and style to your dining area. Cocobee’s beaded runners are handmade by layering beautiful beads on pure canvas. Take a look here:


Pick from the several colours and patterns of Cocobee’s beaded placemats that’ll liven up your dining table:


Colourful Hand Blocked Cotton Table Napkins will add a touch of elegance, to your dinner table, this festive season:


If you love what you see and you want to send a Cocobee Gift Card to a close relative or a friend, click here:

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